Session 2- Pandemic: Time to Prepare and Prevent than Repair and Repent

Someone has rightly stated- “The most identifiable Trait of Humanity has become our ability to be Inhumane”. We are living in a world which is witnessing an era that has shaken humanity and human existence to its core. We have all been forced to think and rethink about the plausible man-made reasons and causes that threaten and leave one of their own kind beyond repair. Thoughts from a single mind would not suffice to overcome a problem so large-such as the ‘Research &Development of Biological & Chemical Weapons’- that it encompasses the entire world. Everyday the world over, someone falls prey to biological/chemical weapons. No one can understand the impact of biological/ chemical weapons better than one who has been a Survivor of a Trauma -that is causing suffering on multiple planes of human existence- Physical, Emotional, Mental & Economical. This session endeavors to  share stories of Survivors in the history of mankind specifically in the context of ‘Use of Biological &Chemical Weapons’ worldwide, in cases such as - COVID-19, World War II- Auschwitz, 1984 Rajneeshee Bioterror Attack, Acid Attack Victims, Bhopal/LG Vishakhapatnam Chemical Disaster, and Vietnam War-Agent Blue Survivors among many others. We also invite Survivors to step forward and share their first -hand accounts-in a desperate hope that – our collective voice is heard across the world-by the UN Council members, Governments of Nations, Friends of Humanity and sensitize those who little realize-the impact of their inhumane decisions.


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23-26 JUNE 2020

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