Session 7- COVID-19: Virus in the Body or Soul?

The COVID-19 pandemic is defining Global Health Crisis of our time, the greatest challenge mankind has faced since the World War-II. The need of the hour is of a leadership, which will help to garner solidarity to defeat the coronavirus not only in the physical world but also the battle of mind.

We need to promote “value based universal education system” which is based on the appropriate understanding of the role of science and religion, to minimize chaos, confusion, terrorism and violence prevailing in the world. The Universities should transform into true centres of research, innovation, scientifically oriented knowledge, wisdom and holistic human development.

The Gandhian philosophy of minimal needs, truth and non-violence will show the path to establish a peace-loving holistic global society. There is need to reinterpret and mainstream the religious scriptures of the world as the ‘true life-guiding scriptures’, to ‘world peace’.


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