Dr Suman Devadula - The learned speaker spoke about the importance of the session and of the destructive power of weapons and his belief that this is tacked and instead the development of sciences and technology beneficial to humanity replace this urge for constant war and conquest. He thanked all the dignitaries who had taken the time to attend this session of the conference and hoped for a good resolution. 

Adv Salman Khurshid - The learned politician was very well informed about the issue at hand and was fervently in support of banning the weapons of mass destruction. He elaborated upon the tenuousness of the times which makes the handling and management of mass destruction of p[aramopunt importance. He believes that as much as humanity wishes for it, all weapons cannot be banned. Only the WMDs though must be and thus a distinction between the two groups must be judiciously sought after and henceforth implemented.

He spoke of how many countries in the world are armed with nuclear weapons and that all reduction treaties are noble attempts with little on-ground impact. But then again, what nations can persevere to do is ensure that other non-nuclear armed nations do not become nuclear-armed. Though this is dicey for India to support since India is not a signatory to the NPT. He spoke also of India’s commitment to nuclear disarmament. Nonetheless, he maintained that we cannot disarm our own nuclear weapons due to geopolitics so how can we ask for the implementation of blanket WMD bans. 

Ms Jasmine Mehta - The student leader elaborated on the need to ban all WMDs by elaborating on the destruction that the first two atomic bombs that were dropped in the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. She spoke of how the impact of the damage can be felt even today and hoped these weapons would be wiped off the face of the earth. 

Dr Arvind Gupta - The learned ambassador spoke very warmly for the individuals who possess enough empathy to understand that people must ban WMDs. Alas, he sadly states, that we do not live in an ideal world, but a realist one. Thus, WMDs act as excellent deterrents without the use of which nations would have to employ huger armies to deter enemies. This would be economically unviable and thus not conducive to national growth. He went on to state how flawed the NPT is and makes a supergroup of countries who will hold a monopoly on nuclear weapons, something that India does not agree with. He then spoke of the other methods by which WMDs can be checked and also spoke about other arm limitation treaties. He speaks how these treaties are bound to lapse soon and all of us humans will enter an unknown phase where there will be no arms treaties governing any nation on earth. 

Dr Chandrakant Pandav - The learned doctor started by thanking those who had invited him to this great session. He then spoke about how proud he is of his nation which believes in peaceful coexistence over war and greed. He then spoke extensively of China and of how their one-party system is entrenched in their nationalism and in their economic miracle. Since China manufactures almost everything it also gives them leverage that is difficult to beat. 


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