Mr Aniket Kale - The learned speaker welcomed all the attending dignitaries and was happy about the steps taking towards SDGs due to sessions such as this. He was further of the opinion that such a session is very important due to the state of current affairs. 

Ms Tanvi Murumkar - The student leader first elaborated upon the numerous problems the country of India faces due to a lack of sustainable and eco-friendly practices. She also spoke of the problems faced by the globe due to the same issue. She believes that only by adopting the SDGs can these problems be alleviated. She also believes the adoption of these rules will also rid us of unemployment by making employment sustainable or long-lasting.

Mr Saurabh Gupta - The learned speaker was very candid and informative in his speech. He spoke of the importance of the SDGs. He is more or less very pleased with the list of UN SDGs and believes theory are very comprehensive. However, he rues the fact that there is no implementation mechanism for these SDGs. This is why he believes only the implementation mechanism must be stiffened by the aid of legality. Then he spoke about the COVID virus but was assured due to our body being a virtual ecosystem in itself. He believes this happens, and in fact, this time it has resulted in good as people are looking to their health and the environment is also recovering during this time of reduced human activity. Yet, there remain challenges which he elaborated upon. 

Shri Kartikeya Sarabhai - The learned speaker spoke positively about the effects of the COVID induced pandemic on the environment and was debating on whether the normalization of the lockdown will result in a situation as existed before the lockdown. He then went on to say that the rules proposed as the SDGs are quite enough but how much was being implemented and what was the potential to implement each of the SDGs he then discussed individually. The speaker was very informative and optimistic as to the potential to fulfill the SDGs in India. 

Sant Baba Balbir Singh Seechewal Ji - The learned speaker spoke about how the environment is the most sacred thing for life to move forward and that the pursuit of material things without consideration of any cost is detrimental as it causes a severe staring on the environment and is absolutely unsustainable. He further extolls the listeners to first take care of the air they breathe, the water they drink and the land they eat off of. If these are not maintained then there is no hope for humanity and the issue becomes moot. He also spoke of how the world is busy building agents of mass destruction instead of utilizing those resources for saving the environment. He also is a proponent of sustainability and wishes its implementation in all facets of life. 

Dr Gufran Beig - The learned scientist explained very informatively about the concentration of gases in the atmosphere and their optimum levels along with their history. Though this he explained about greenhouse gases and the emissions that cause diseases in humans. He says the silver lining in this COVID pandemic is that the drop in pollution globally allowed pollution monitoring agencies to fine-tune their apparatus and their process of collecting pertinent data. He also believes in the power of positivity and likened it to good and positive energy. He also mentioned how the reduction of pollutants has actually directly ensured fewer lives lost globally, though this is more than countermanded by the COVID impact. Nonetheless, it remains a silver lining. 


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