Dr Prashant Dave - The learned speaker spoke about the importance of the session and of the pivotal role universities can play in curbing biological and chemical weapons. He believes the answer resides in inculcating more courses geared towards the environment as well as with a more positive effect on humanity. He thanks the dignitaries online and asks the commenter to start with the session.

Dr Sabu Thomas - The learned professor patiently and diligently explained what weapons of mass destruction are, how many categories they are divided in and how the governments of the world handle them. He further goes on to explain that the universities play a pivotal role in ensuring their downfall by motivating students to become better humans and by having courses which stress on peace studies and peace education. He believes that making peace more viable than war will ensure the demise of these hated weapons.

Mr Rajat Jasuja - The student leader spoke about the power of student revolutions and student agitation. He spoke about how pivotal a role students play in a society and since India has a very huge population under the age of 30 and how important the universities are in order for the nation to become great again. He quotes that only through going towards peace can we achieve a harmonious society.

Prof Dr Manoj Dixit - The learned speaker explained the origin of weapons of mass destruction and of their history with an emphasis on payload capacity. He claimed that it was not cost effective as using technology that has the potential to become a weapon of mass destruction yields better dividends by being utilized for peaceful purposes and states the example of the utilization of nuclear energy to validate the assumption. He explained biological agents of
destruction as well.

Dr Sandeep Sancheti - The learned professor highlighted the fact that all technology has the potential for massive destruction and thus simply villainizing technology or trying to change its applicability will not be very effective. Instead he believes that universities should ensure that the students have a strong sense of right or wrong inculcated in them. He also believes that the
prudent application of technology will ensure that it is not misused.

Prof. Dr. Arun Jambalkar - The learned professor spoke about a multitude of issues and drew inspiration from various sources. He asked how to be prepared for the new and evolved form of warfare, namely viruses. He wished to see the creation of an AI capable of understanding all biological agents and then figuring out a solution for him. He also spoke about meta leadership
and that it is the need of the hour


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