Mr Ravindranath Patil - The learned speaker began by stating how his field of computer viruses is not at all as horrific as the circular virus which is the Covid. He spoke on how being a devout hindu he believes in Karma theory, but the state of present affairs makes him doubt it. He also muses whether this present crisis is a bane or a blessing. He also speaks of the numerous problems plaguing our globe presently. He muses whether these are not all related issues with a deep rooted philosophical relation.

Mr Mutharasan - The learned student leader spoke about the deep correlation between this pandemic and fear. He believed that this pandemic is just one in a long line of pandemics that we will withstand, but it is the fear and worry these events generate that is the real trouble. He does acknowledge the numerous instances of help that we have given each other and hopes that the ‘inner virus’ aka fear is defeated along with the Covid virus.

Maulana Mahmood Madani - The learned Maulana started by stating the present situation and also his vexation at seeing the fact that fear is paramount in people’s minds. He spoke of how though the atmosphere seems communally charged, it is in fact a simple manifestation of fear. He spoke about how these times are difficult for people and that he hopes we come out of this more empathetic and more tolerant.


Shri Anil Pradhan - The learned speaker stuck to the topic at hand and is of the firm opinion that the virus is of the collective human soul and not the body. He spoke about the current global state of affairs minus the pandemic and painted a very serious picture in China, US, Russia, India and other nations. He believes this is only happening because of a lack of education and of not creating global citizens. He firmly believes that the need of the country, the world and indeed humanity is a quality education of global standards.

Dr Kavita A Sharma - The learned doctor is firmly of the opinion that the virus is of the soul and quotes numerous examples she has witnessed in society which enforces her viewpoint. She states that people have forgotten the space inside for the space outside and that the exploitation of nature was bound to produce a backlash like the one we are currently facing. She believes it is an issue in the value system of an individual and hopes that we concern yourself with the spiritual in addition to the physical and the material. She spoke of a holistic education system where we become more empathetic and sympathetic so that we truly understand the interconnectivity of the world. . 

Mr Lobsang Sangay -  The learned speaker spoke about how the current problem can be traced to an authoritarian regime which does not have any other goal except power and greed. He believes that the secrecy of the chinese government and its inability to share information with other nations is responsible for the present pandemic. He hopes the entire world takes steps towards democracy since it brings with it transparency and where an education in freedom can be afforded from childhood. He believes compassion is important and must be inculcated in people. 

Acharya Pundrik Goswami - The learned scholar spoke about how the current issues plaguing humanity is due to us ignoring all aspects of existence except physical existence. That ensures that we do not care about any balance and rather are only consumed by our desire to covet. He also spoke about suicide and how this is also due to an individual not completely developing thier mind, soul and intellect. He believes that an education must be provided where people are taught simply to be human. He hopes that MIT can provide leadership in this direction. 


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