Dr Rajiv Thakur – The learned speaker began by outlining the reason for this session and its pertinence in today’s geo-political scenario. He spoke of how borders are now the forefront of a cultural and political barrier, but its security seems circumspect. He concluded by thanking the dignitaries who came together for this session.

Mr Chinmay Bendre – The student leader spoke about the problems posed by creating borders which are inflexible, and which ensure that we can divide cultural zones which foster the creation of minorities which are rife with their own problems. He did not link too much of the Covid pandemic with the topic and was of the opinion that perhaps such borders harm more than they protect.

Lt. Gen.(Retd.)Nirbhay Sharma – The learned general spoke practically and was of the opinion that the very purpose of national borders is undermined since now the enemies of the state are found within and without the state. Moreover, the nature of economics and geopolitics dilutes the deterrence that firm borders bring about. Moreover, in view of the pandemic that we are undergoing it becomes difficult to halt all destructive agents at borders. He also enlightened the viewers about the nature of proxy warfare which further undermines borders. But he is of the opinion that this does not make borders mute, but the deterrence that we employ must also evolve to reflect the current new definition of borders that we are being faced with.

Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Zameer Uddin Shah -  The learned General was an excellent speaker who put everyone who was listening at ease by claiming that India is more than capable of defending its borders. He did not wish to go into how borders are losing their significance or role, rather concentrated his talk on how the border can be defended against all threats, including the new microscopic ones. He talks about how India has through its Republican history been able to always defend its territorial integrity despite a few setbacks. 
Shri Prakash Singh- The learned administrator was of the opinion that in order for borders to be effective, the responsibility for damage or calamity must firmly be fixed on the country that is causing it. This aids a country to come up with their defense doctrine to better their border security. Here the learned speaker informed us that India does not have a defence doctrine thereby necessitating a politically motivated response to anz national calamity which is neither as effective nor as impartial as a preexisting defense doctrine. He spoke further of strengthening local militias as well as the police to be able to have strengthened borders. 


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