Dr Prasad D Khandekar – The learned speaker began by explaining the various means by which an individual can gain wisdom and education and said that the experiences of others are as good as learning any course. He was looking forward to the session and to the stories of these inspiring women. 

Ms Laxmi Agarwal – The learned speaker ensured that all the viewers were held spellbound by the tale of her courage, determination and optimism even in the face of abject misery. She stated her incident factually and with no rancour. She stated how the acid attack occurred and how the perpetrator was known to her and her family. She explained her immense physical pain and the resultant long recuperating period. She spoke of her struggle against suicide and depression and the pivotal role of her family in ensuring that she loves herself again. She spoke of her brave decision of going in public without her face being covered and of the stigma she faced as well as ridicule

She spoke of how she struggle for a job, and then with the death of her father and brother in succession. But she spoke of the will to live they all infused in her and how this tragedy enabled her to shine through and become a stronger person. She concluded by stating that attitude is the only thing we can control and as such we should always maintain a positive one. Often that is enough in life to get by admirably. 

Ms Rachana Dhingra – The learned speaker spoke at length about the most fatal industrial accident within city limits in recent history, the Bhopal Gas tragedy. The speaker spoke of how the entire tragedy could be averted if the safety measures would have been the same as there were for a similar plant operating in the US. To save a few dollars a day, certain critical safety measured were not implemented. The tragedy affected the whole town with numerous bodies being disposed of to cover up the incident. The testimony of the survivors is the only reason this issue is still in the forefront, that and the commitment of the city of Bhopal to not let big money and corruption win. She spoke of the work yet to be done and the cases which are still continuing, but spoke of certain victories too.


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