Mr Darshan Munda - The learned speaker began by recounting the brilliant progress and discussion that have occurred over the last 4 days. He was pleased with the numerous speeches that were given and was happy to share that it was watched by more than 6000 people remotely. 

Dr N T Rao -  The learned speaker spoke of the very genesis of this conference and how it occurred. He is firmly entrenched in the belief of peace and of teaching harmony. He is proud of the heritage which we adhere to and was happy to recount the last few days and the progress made in that time. He also spoke extensively of where the seed thought for this conference came from and how it eventually blossomed into this grand conference replete with more than 40 international personalities. 

Revered Prof Dr Vishwanath D Karad - The learned visionary spoke at length about the problems facing the world today with particular emphasis on the COVID pandemic and the nature of chemical and biological warfare agents. He spoke of how he is himself unaware of the mechanism by which the biological and chemical weapons can be banned but hopes that someone after hearing this conference can be inspired enough to come up with the solution. He also wished to come up with any change in order to combat the currents ate of affairs. He spoke of his mission for the last 30 years which is based on his personal creed which is best summed up with the line that he believes India is destined to be the teacher of the world. He spoke how the turmoil and carnage of the present day has inspired him to call towards this conference and hopes the students can come up with a solution at best and be the change they wish to see in others at worst. 

Adv Anand Mathur - The Chief Guest started by mentioning how important this conference is and his thanks to the Karad family for being able to take part in this. Then he spoke of the massive suffering that the world is undergoing. He spoke in detail about the myriad issues that are plaguing all of humanity at the present time. He also elaborated upon the various steps humans are taking and can take to prevent this from happening. He spoke of his own journey and his own convictions along the way which made him avow that he will aid humanity. He spoke that to win every one should have conviction in themselves and a deep-seated determination. 

Grp Capn Dr Ajay Lele - The learned speaker spoke from a vast amount of experience and stuck to a very practical tone. He elaborated not the evils of WMDs but of their necessity. Without these weapons acting as deterrence, there would be many more wars. Nonetheless, he was still appalled by the horrific price that must be paid for this peace. He then spoke of the history of the few treaties that have been put in play to control biological and chemical weapons. He also spoke about how the treaties have absorbed legal positioning and thus can be judicially implemented. He spoke of the few such countermeasures that have been so mandated. 

Prof Francis A Boyle - The brilliant speaker spoke of his own experience in drafting an ordinance in the US which dealt with the issue of biological viruses and got it approved and ratified by the senate. He spoke of the deep connection between biological weapons and the US. He then explained how almost all the labs that manufacture biological agents have leaked at one time of the other, as happened now with the COVID virus which the speaker believes to be leaked and completely manmade. He explains how these facilities thus are inherently dangerous and must be disbanded. He speaks of how viruses are weaponised and how China is exploiting this, without foresight or forethought and without being guilty of complicity. It does not change the danger or the destruction that it has wrought. He fervently believes all such centres must be shut, barring none. 

Dr Rajendra Shinde - The learned speaker spoke about the current situation and how to ensure that another pandemic does not occur. He also was of the opinion that the accountability of other nations when it comes to WMDs is not properly being looked into and this is causing a lot of issues. He says that as long as the UN gets the proper information it can safe the nation. But of late, the UN seems to be lacking leadership and that is an issue. The question per se is not the lack of leadership, but the bifurcation of thoughts and opinions that finds no overlord to ensures its proper channelization. He wishes to overcome this lack of leadership in the UN. 

Col H R Naidu Gade - The learned speaker spoke very methodically and spoke of the history of chemical and biological weapon ban treaties. H mentioned the history of these bans and surprised all the listeners when he explained that the first ban on chemical weapons took place in 1675. He then spoke of a much later treaty to ensure the control over Chemical weapons that took place in the 1990s. He also spoke of the OPCW as well and explained a plethora of terms related to this issue. H also showed the audience of the precise way in which India has upheld its end of the bargain.


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