Prof Dr Milind Pandey – The learned professor started by informing us of the numerous changes in business practices that are taking place in response to the global Covid pandemic. He further elaborated in the pressing need to have the conference in light of recent geo-political events and wished everyone viewing to understand the way to defeat the virus while adapting to the circumstances we find ourselves in. He also thanked the guests for this session along with the viewers for their attendance. 

Dr. (Ms.) Gagandeep Kang – The learned doctor explained that in the past 30 years there has been a severe increase in the number of disease outbreaks throughout the globe due to an increase in globalization and urbanization. The Ebola outbreak cost the world USD 4 Billion in directly and afterwards the WHO took notice and came up with a plan to contain such contagions. She went on to explain how vaccines as well as public education aid in the eradication of harmful diseases and that with an increase in globalization we have to be more prepared than ever for a deadly viral strand since they can spread faster. She outlined all the preparation that we need to take and it was very reassuring for the viewers.

Shri Syed Zakria – The student leader spoke with determination and practicality stating that this pandemic is the responsibility of all to bear and nations who do not think so are akin to a neighbour that burns the house besides his and expects the flames to not char his home. He stressed that we must pull through together and ensure this is not repeated again.

Shri. Arif Mohammed Khan – The learned politician spoke about the reasons for this virus which was not linked to scientific hypothesis. He spoke about how once balance with mother earth is disturbed she finds a way to inform us all of her displeasure via such activities such as the current pandemic. He drew inspiration from education and wished that educators would include ecological subjects along with moral ones in their courses in order to completely educate the children about the necessity and fragility of our eco system. He also spoke of how the only advantage a problem confers is that it ensures our true colours can shine. He believes that through calm, education and the following of instructions the pandemic can easily be defeated and by studying the deep relationship between man and nature as well as the role of ethics and morality in our lives.

Adv. Prashant Bhushan – The learned advocate spoke at length of how to put the virus pandemic in perspective by explaining the normal amount of viruses present in the human body at any given time. He spoke of how the global village we all live in ensures that we must take responsibility for our safety and security individually and collectively. He further stated how these pandemic seem to originate from Wuhan which is the world region where most pesticides, insecticides are used and which is possibly the most polluted city in the world. He states that this is what he means by collective responsibility. 
Dr. Atanu Basu – The learned doctor spoke quite eloquently about the correlation of the climate, viruses and ecology. He spoke of the future of virology as well as of the study of past pandemics to understand how to deal with the present one called Archeo-virology. He also explained the entire history of recorded pandemics from the 5th century BC to the present day. He claims that viruses have been the greatest killer in the history of man, far outpacing wars and battles. He also spoke of how we must integrate all of our resources and energy to understand the new dynamics between man and the viruses. He ended on a positive note stating that we can beat the virus and other issues by simply being aware, educated and working together. 


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