Prof Haridas – The learned professor spoke about the reason for the topic and the history of biological and chemical warfare from a legal and administrative perspective. She warmly thanked the dignitaries for accepting the invitation to speak at the session and hoped this would be an educative and enlightening session for all involved. 

Dr. A. Velumani – The learned speaker clearly outlined the entire Covid pandemic and its repercussions He spoke about data collation and of how the collected data is to be interpreted. He also spoke about the situation on the ground and stated that the odds are not stacked against us and that the situation is manageable. He spoke of how all of this is due to an individual’s greed and that we must stop the pursuit of material wealth and instead try for a balance between material and spirituality. 

Col Dr Ram Athawle – the learned Colonel spoke very informatively about the issue at hand. He first patiently listed and explained the numerous terms used frequently when speaking of chemical and biological weapons. He then listed the various threats that are posed by the chemical and biological [CB] agents which included accidents, manmade as well as natural. He then spoke about the various different chemical warfare agents and their effects as well as giving a brief history of chemical warfare. He further spoke about the numerous toxic agents employed in industries and how these have the potential of being turned into chemical warfare agents. Afterwards he spoke about the various biological agents, the history of biological warfare and India’s history with numerous treaties that ban the use of biological and chemical weapons. He spoke of how terrorists can use these agents for mass destruction and then spoke of effective countermeasures that we can take in the future.


Lt. General Dr. D. B. Shekatkar – The learned general spoke passionately about a range of issues centring on the session topic. He spoke of how he saw the horrors of Bhopal first-hand because the army wished to know if this chemical agent can be harnessed for use in warfare. He then spoke of how the Covid pandemic and its reasons for spreading. He spoke on how simple mechanisms and curbing the fear of the unknown are enough to survive. These need to be addressed by an individual and they will prevail. 


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23-26 JUNE 2020

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