Revered Prof Dr Vishwanath D Karad – The learned visionary started by elaborating on how the idea for this conference came to him. It was the state of affairs currently as well as numerous incidents in humanity’s past that led him to believe that the time to take strict actions against such destructive forces is the immediate appeal to get biological and chemicals weapons banned globally. He further expounded on the various dangers these weapons possess along with their tremendous capacity for destruction. He further stated that the time for the fusion of science and spirituality is at hand and that he hoped the conference could conclude with the establishment of a viable process to ensure the very reason the conference was called together. He also spoke about two books namely, ‘ Nine secrets of the universe and the principles which have been enunciated by the great philosopher-saint Sant Shree Dnyaneshwara’ and ‘The Bell of Hiroshima’ which are excellent material to act as guidance in formulating a process to bring about the banning of biological and chemical weapons.   

Chief Guest Hon’ble Justice K. G. Balakrishnan – The Hon’ble Justice went right to the point and took the practical approach which stated that it is not scientists and bureaucrats that must be stopped, it is the politicians since they are the policy makers.  He maintained that he is completely in support of the issue at hand and that there is no reason for these weapons to exist anymore. He further added that he believes the UN should be given enhanced powers so that they can strictly enforce this ban. 
Dr N T Rao – The learned doctor started by welcoming the participants and the viewers. He further explained the seriousness of the occasion by explaining that the resolutions taken here at the end of the conference will be submitted to the UN for their consideration. He concluded by thanking all participants and viewers again. 


Rajendra Singh – the eminent water conservationist started by stating that even the modern Covid pandemic is mostly likely the result of a lab experiment gone astray. He wished to inform the world of China’s complicity in the pandemic along with the way that the Chinese government has given in to greed and is hungering for expansion at any cost. The legislation will afford a legal way to restrict and control an aggressive China. He then used his time to speak about the real danger we face and that is the mismanagement of water resources coupled with the mass migration of humans from rural to urban settlements further taxing the ecology with water playing a large role in this. He then expounded on ways to combat this by elaborating how governments behave and how they can be sidestepped, and that is through direct intervention by the youth of the county as well as the adoption of eco-friendly indigenous systems of resource management. 
Sri V V Sharma – The learned administrator spoke about how to practically implement the ban and spoke of the various agencies in place which tend to monitor chemical and biological weapon production and stockpiles. He also stated of the legal way in which this process is carried out along with the role of the individual in this process. He then spoke of natural disasters with the current pandemic in particular and assured the public by stating that be calm and just follow instructions. 


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