Covid-19 has brought mankind to a standstill. It has become imperative to rethink the way, the world functions. Covid 19 has raised many questions about its origin, suspicion on the nature of the disease, or whether it is an attempt at sabotage or an act of biological warfare? MIT-World Peace University is a pioneer in undertaking initiatives that aid in establishing 'World Peace' and taking cognizance of this incident, to raise the level of awareness a 4-day Virtual Conference is envisaged. The conference tries to bring countries together to evolve a mechanism which would end the threat of bio warfare by taking a socio-politico-legal discourse towards curbing research and development of bioweapons and occurrences of bio-chemical warfare. It would help in strengthening institutions of global importance, documenting views and recommendations of scholars for public interest and policy making, and by enhancing international cooperation and adequate representation of all nations for ensuring safe & sustainable future. Through this conference an effort will be made to awaken the youth globally to the dangers of such biohazards, which should be condemned with an intent of consolidating the message of 'Safe and Secure Mankind'. At the same time, we also need to address the issue of preparedness for the future so that we can safeguard ourselves against such global adversities.

Rahul V. Karad
Executive President


To raise the clarion call towards Human Safety with a focus on SDGs and create a platform to advocate a strong voice against the existence of biological and chemical weapons of mass destruction.


  • To be a launch pad for a worldwide movement against the production of biological and chemical weapons by any country

  • To enforce the implementation of BWC and CWC in order to avert the irreversible damage predictable in future to living beings

  • To refocus and realign national and international intentions in-line with the Sustainable Development goals


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23-26 JUNE 2020

S.No.124, Paud Road, Kothrud, Pune, 411038

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